What is SPIN?

SPIN stands for the Socacize Professional Instructor Network (S.P.I.N.)


How much does the SPIN Membership cost?

The SPIN program costs $35 (plus tax)/month.


How do I cancel my SPIN membership?

Before canceling your SPIN membership. Note that you may place your membership on hold, to be resumed at a later date without penalties.

To continue with cancelling your SPIN Membership:

  1. You can request a cancellation of your membership by contacting info@socacize.com. In order to not be billed for the next billing cycle, you must cancel your membership 30 or more days (i.e. 31, 32, 33 days) before your next billing date. If you do not cancel your membership 30 days or more before your billing cycle, you will be charged for your next payment.
  2. Additionally, you will incur a $35 (plus tax) cancellation fee. To proceed with your cancellation, please log in to your instructor portal on socacize.com.

Mentorship Program FAQs

What is the new Mentorship Program?

The new mentorship program is comprised of a series of online resources, support and opportunities that help mentees launch their career as a Socacize fitness instructor and inactive instructors get back into the groove.


What is the mentorship process?

  1. Mentees receive login for instructor portal from instructor liaison 24 hours after training
  2. Instructor training workshop coordinator notifies mentors of their mentees based on region
  3. Once introduction is done, mentors have 24 hours to notify mentees
  4. Mentors contact mentees via forum & begin program (Provide training plan and template for mentors)
  5. Mentors maintain contact with mentee min once per week
  6. Instructor Support Rep hosts bi-weekly calls with mentors for updates
  7. Instructor Support Rep provides an update to corporate on mentors biweekly
  8. Evaluation gets submitted to instructorsupport@socacize.com and gets reviewed within 48 hours . Mentor provides feedback on evaluation on to mentee within 48 hours


How can you become a mentor?

Certified Socacize instructors that are members of the SPIN program and have been an active instructor for a minimum of one year can apply to become a mentor. Qualifications are:  Excellent communication, represent  brand image, teaching socacize minimum twice per week, and ability to help others. See full job description.


How can I enroll in the mentorship program?

You are automatically enrolled in the mentorship program after completing the Instructor Training Workshop.


How much time should the mentor/mentee expect to spend in the program?

Once the initial connection is made and the relationship is established, a minimum of once per week is required.


What type of mentoring can I expect?

Online and in person.


Can I have more than one mentor?

No, you can only have one mentor


What should I do if my mentoring relationship is not functional?

Mentoring relationships are built on honesty and open communication. If one of the partners in the relationship is not meeting the expectations that were discussed initially the best thing to do is voice the concern. Meet with the partner, and in a clear way, without being judgmental, openly discuss your concerns, and restate the expectations that were agreed to initially. If you are unable to resolve the issue, please notify Corporate to assist.


What is the cost of the classes run under the Program?

There are no additional costs associated.


Who evaluates the mentee?

Corporate along with the mentor will evaluate the mentees through online submission within 48 hours.


Can I become a SOCACIZE SPIN Member during the Training period?



How many classes can a mentee attend per week?

As many as needed and permitted with your mentor.


How long is the mentorship program?

The mentorship program runs for three months after the Instructor Training Workshop.


How much time does a mentee have before completing his/her evaluation?

A mentee has a maximum of three months to complete the evaluation.


If the mentee fails the first evaluation, how much time does he/she have to get re-evaluated?

If you fail the first evaluation, you will have one month to be re-evaluated. If you fail a second time or if you exceed the one-month period you will be required to do the Instructor Training Course again.